Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Cards

I found a couple more cards, so can you humor me again? Well if you can take a look!!!

Blank card that says "blessings" on the front this one is pretty small
bid(starts at 20 cents) or buy it now 50 cents

These are blank(as you can tell) that I think that be good for
taping on to presents or whatever! 7 total, 4 yellow and 3 green
Bid(starts at 5 cents apiece) or buy it now 25 cents each or $1.25(save 50 cents!!)

These are sample envelopes, I HAVE A TON I'm not even joking! I have all sizes shapes and colors!
5 cents each so take a look!!!!

And just so all of you know, THIS IS 100TH POST!!! And the one b-day card is now it now for 60 cents or bid!!!

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