Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hello everyone, for Jared's 12th birthday we are in Boston! How fun is that????

We went down to SLC on Monday, on our way there we stopped in Ogden at the Hill Air Force Base and swam with my uncle Cameron and his family at out hotel. Here are some pics of the Air Force Museum, it was pretty cool!

We flew out Yesterday(Tuesday) and flew for most of the day. We got to our beach house at about 9:30 pm. We didn't take any pictures, but you get the idea...

Day three... today... we just had a free day, we went shopping and we went and saw the Avengers movie, it was AWESOME!!!

we relaxed...

We walked on the beach:
this is the back porch of our house! AWESOME!!! it has been SO nice to have a whole house to ourselves instead of being in a cramped hotel room! It's actually quite a bit bigger than our current house! I even have my own room!

we wrote each other's names in the sand...

this IS Boston in the spring so it IS raining a lot! it has been raining almost non stop since we got here! But because of the humidity it's still pretty warm! which is why i'm in shorts even though the sweatshirt doesn't make sense!

it's never too cold for them!

my Mom and Dad on the beach

We saw a lot of cool animals...
do you see the hidden object? (you'll know if you do!)

yep, you guessed right! a stingray! we actually saw several that were dead

here is what the underside of it looks like!

a closer look reveals... a crab1 we saw lots of these! this one is dead, but there were a lot of live ones

a teenie little starfish!

a big clam shell and the starfish!

a bigger crab

lots of crab!

Well...i'd better run...

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