Thursday, May 17, 2012

Up to date

we've done a lot since I posted last, here's a bit to catch ya up!

On Monday we had a tour of the freedom trail in Boston, it started at the Boston Commons,

and we learned some of the history of the Boston Commons,

the grave of James Otis, the 'forgotten patriot' he also helped John Adams to become a lawyer,

Isn't this a beautiful cemetary! this cemetary has more signers of the declaration of independance per square foot than any other in the nation!

 All of us infront of Paul Revere's headstone,

Samuel Adams' headstone

the grasshopper on top of Fenuil Hall,

in front of Paul Revere's house,

inside the old north church, it must be 'the thing' to have their organs in the back balcony! Isn't it a neat little organ!

On Tuesday we took a tour of the Boston harbor by ship,

The USS Constitution,

Afterwards we went to see the bunker hill monument, and the boys hiked it to the very top!

 Isn't it a lovely view on the boat ride back? Lovely if you like looking at tall concrete buildings.

and we went to worchester heights and the monument there,

On Wednesday we just had a free day to play at the beach, Ma found a cool starfish!

Isn't is so pretty inthe water, it was still alive even!

at low tide part of the beach is really rocky, but it's still pretty!

but there was still plenty of sandy beach to play on!

there was even enough sand to make a sandcastle, imagine that! I wonder how they managed to find all of it!

Luke found this little worm when he was digging,

This morning we packed up and left the beach house, it's almost become home for us in the past week!
No more sleeping with the sound of the ocean beneath you!

And we drove up to Sharon, Vermont. Where Joseph Smith was born, this is the monument that is there, isn't it pretty!

Not the greatest picture!

Isn't it pretty!

Caleb wanted to have a 'boys' picture by it.
 afterwards we went and took a little tour down to the old house sites down the hill from the monument.

All that is left is part of the foundations,

this is the drive into the Monument, isn't it beautiful? I can't imagine what it would look like in the fall!

When we were done there we drove up to Rutland, Vermont where we are spending the night, after we checked into our hotel we went and looked at some old cemetaries where some Kimballs and Young's were buried. It is so pretty up here!

Tomorrow we are going to fort Ticonderoga, it should be interesting!

So long!

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