Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday on the beach

wow! we've made it to Thursday already! Today we got to see some pretty cool stuff! Beware, this is a VERY picture heavy post again!

To start the day we had breakfast and played on the beach...
this is the view from our back porch!
 then Jared hid from the camera!...

After that we went to see John Adams' houses...

On the, we didn't pose for this picture!

the house where John Adams was born...

The place where John Quincey was born

they are right next to each other, this is the only picture I have to prove it but the cream colored building is John Q.'s birthplace and the brown house in the corner is John sr.'s birthplace. They are on the same lot and very close together.

and last but not least...the place where John Adams died and where he lived for a long time, it's about a mile away from the other houses. It really is a pretty house.


this is the fireproof library that was built to protect John Q's books!! It's a HUGE library!!!

a plague like thingy to commemorate John Q and his wife Louisa Catherine in their church

John Adams' plaque in the same church

the church had a cool little organ in the balcony in the back

a closer view of the organ
this is the pew that John Q sat in when he was alive

my mom and dad standing by John and Abigail's graves which are in the basement of the same church

this are John Q. and Louisa Catherine's graves they are in the same room
Jared standing in front of the gate of their tombs
 then, we went back into the visitor's center and bought some ice cream from the neighboring shop...

then we drove home and fried some hamburgers for dinner and then the boys wanted to brave the cold and go swimming again...

Meanwhile I sat on the rocks because it was COLD!

we weren't finding any good stuff like last night and the boys finally realized that it was FREEZING so us kids hightailed it home,

 but that's when mom and dad found the good stuff!!

a big fish!

and a big crab!

See ya later!

oh, P.S I have a really fun quilt to show you when I get home!

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