Saturday, May 12, 2012

Plimoth Plantation

Yesterday we went to plimoth plantation, it was pretty cool! I didn't blog about it yesterday because I elected for a 3 hour nap instead when we got home!]

but this is what we did yesterday...

The "moo-flower"

a guy making some cool pottery he made it look so easy!

This is in the meetinghouse in the village where they would have town meetings, church and it could serve as a fort when the indians would attack

walking down from the meetinghouse into the village

this is the upstairs of the meetinghouse which had several cannons

Luke giving a visual of what happens when they(the cannons) are fired!

Almost every house had a suit of armor in it, Luke thought it was pretty cool! {but maybe just a tad bit big??}

Jared thought it was cool too!

One of the ladies in a house was out of 'winegar' (vinegar) and needed some more so she sent Luke on an errand to get some more from her Mother. He was very proud to oblige her, can you tell he likes posing??!!

Wow! these were the first cows I had seen on our whole trip so far!!!!!! We are a loooong way from home! Ma said I should have my pic taken to prove that they do have cows in MA!! I still haven't seen a hay truck...hmmm...I'll keep my eyes peeled, but the freeways back here aren't full of semi's like at home...

We thought this was a really cool wood stack, we should attempt it in  the fall with the Bishop at the King's place! This stack was huge!!! (Little boys were more than happy to stand in as a reference!)

an example of a typical hosue...

Inside an indian hut looking at the arrows...

Caleb grinding some corn for supper!

what the outside of that hut looks like that Luke was in...

the same hut, it's hard to see but the thing was HUGE!!!

Caleb inside a indian canoe

they were burning out another canoe...

all of us inside another hut

lots of this...

after we were done at the villages we went to Firendly's for lunch, Friendly's is a must when you're on the east coast!

Afterwards we went to part 2 of Plimoth Plantation which is at a different spot, it includes:

THE Plymouth Rock, it has a 1620 carved into it

The Mayflower 2, which is a full size replica of THE Mayflower, and us standing in front of it again...

It really is a pretty small ship, really small actually, to fit over 130 people on it for several months at a time! WOW! Impressed!

One of the guys showed us how they would have used this tool that I forgot the name of, but it plays a role in lifting the anchor, and in lifting almost any heavy thing that they needed help with

Luke trying to 'steer' the ship!

Later Gators!

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